Update on The Peli

The Peli is feeling just fine and has once again been re-written, this time Python(what would you except) and Pyglet(aka OpenGL). Now it is tenth or eleventh rewrite, depending on counting.

Features include

  • Better particle effects
  • Background varying throughout time
  • Somehow nicer/uglier UI
  • More speed there/less somewhere else
  • Once-again seeking missiles/AI with agro
  • Revamped heat/shield system, still in progress
  • Minimap
  • State-machine based core(easy pause menus/stuff, but)
  • No multiplaying

DevNews: Quick overview at my current/past projects

It's been quiet, but I'm not dead, yet.

So I've been coding some pretty neat things, some are new(aka pys60(=for Symbian mobile phones)), and some are older(The Peli!):
  • The Peli: Yeah, it's been playable someday(and it was GOOD) including multiplayer, but nowdays it is more and more a testing ground for Anyload(resource streaming system) and in lesser(O.o rly?) role in testing/developing weapon/upgrade system.
  • Tankwars: Yes. Featuring weapons from The Peli.
  • RPC: Worker thread/server study

  • pyCamera: A real-time video streaming application for S60/PC. Server supports unlimited number of clients(in theory).
  • devname _A[ ]memo_book: Hierarchical notes, done in need and as a testing ground for (de)flattening hierarchial data.
  • Vlan_2: Network stumbler for S60.

And some that are usable but unused / deprecated / i_have_found_better_way / OS_app_exists stuff:
  • Filetransfer/browser.
  • chat infrastructure featuring client/server/masterserver/loginserver/encryption with can trust no-one philosophy.
  • Trayer(2)

I am sure there is many more, but one can't remember everything(and that list just featured python projects, no PHP included).


Yay, I have to say, seems like I'm gonna like it, as even this is written by using it.