Guild Wars 2 - some thoughts

"[Y]ou have played for 255 hours 48 minutes over the past 25 days."
* * *

Now that the most anticipated game has been released, I must confess that I'm a little dissapointed.

While the overall gameplay is nice and dynamic, it gets a bit repeative even if one tries to vary doing hearths, PvP, dungeons, exploration and general PvE. And as I said earlier, I'm hugely dissapointed in the fact the game lacks any kind of mana(well, almost, initiative doesn't count for this).

On it's defence though Guild Wars 2 has a really dynamic and dodge-heavy combat mechanics to balance that otherwise cooldown-based skill system.

* * *

First I made an Elementalist, as the attunement managing was supposed require smart playing and all stuff glorious, but I found myself just using fire magic for everything due to the DPS it offers. Only occasionally did I use the other attunements. Ele also felt far too squishy in Orr even when dodging like crazy.

Then I made a Guardian. It had the survivability I wanted, and quite suprisingly also had some serious DPS, even more than my ele!

Next - not that the class was bad or anything - after getting bored(only slighlty) to Guardian, Thief was next. As initiative was a resource to be managed I was quite excited. But meh, the class felt like, I don't know, it was lacking something. So, after getting to level 24 I made an Engineer.

Now, at this point I was quite excited about WvW(see paragraph later). The Engineer has a Mortar elite skill and turrets, so it is supposed to be The perfect class for WvW defenses. It indeed offers various kits that can be freely used even during combat and without cooldown, making it a very adaptable class. Seemingly perfect, but the game has begun to take it's toll. Having already 'grinded' almost 200 levels, getting another 80 was starting to fell bit exhaustive.

Currently I have managed to get this new Engineer to level 30 and unlocked that tier two elite mortar skill. Now I feel like I might actually be able to take a small rest and do some casual WvW.

Except that I should be farming while I can, gem prices have skyrocketed during the past few days. Get some gems while they are relatively cheap. Oh well...

* * *

Endgame areas have also been suffering from an unfortunately high bugrate. Some skill challanges and events are frozen or otherwise rendered unplayeable. It is also possible to get stuck inside some objects.

On the other hand World vs World vs World has been full of suprises. During betas and also during the full game I've disliked the long distances and zergs there. It has changed, I got recruited to a smallish WvW guild by a chance and had a blast holding Redlake tower last night. Reinforcing, supply chain and breaking sieges suddenly felt much more enjoyable.