Summary of The Peli's developement

So it has been quiet here and there, but the project is not dead yet. Visuals have not been changed even an inch(well, maybe the weapon system has changed a bit ;), but core has undergone major changes, now being a complete rewrite. Now it is much more modular, and the greatest(and the most advanced) thing is the file loading functionality, streaming file changes from multiple(at least one) servers, keeping itself up-to-date all the time.

  • Multiplaying(experimental)
  • Multiple weapons
  • AI(with pathfinding)
  • Customisable gui via XML file

Dependencies include:
  • Python(2.4.4)
  • Pygame(1.7)
  • Pyro for online
  • Network connection
  • And maybe some others

More information will be made availiable when I have time to write it.

Public download will be made availiable when requested AND release is clean.

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