Quick look at Windows 8

Installed Windows 8 Developer Preview to a VM few hours ago, what follows is a cluttered list of visual observations. Sorry, did my best. Read it if you still want.
  • Integrates your user account to Windows live account by default.
  • Task manager has undergone some major changes. Sure it's more sleek, but I kind of miss the old one..
  • Same applies to most default applications. Everything has been stripped down in search of cleaner UI. Like metro, too clean.
  • Sending files to trash doesn't need a confirmation. Some other things have also been streamlined, can't remember now.
  • Components like .NET framework are installed by a wizard.
  • Much like Windows 7, at least more than 7 was like Vista.
And another list just for you, metro. Because you are so special..
  • UI suddenly lost all roundings with the new metro look.
    • Everything is so rectangular, clean, but maybe too clean.
    • Gadgets are by default not enabled in favor of metro.
  • Metro applications can't be illegitimately closed! They end up cluttering alt-tab list.
  • Things like control panel are really hard to find at first.
  • Many things really are touch-centric. Mouse support on some of them is broken.
  • Usability is, well.. either good or bad.
    • Main screen looks great, nice thing to peek and see all little bits of information.
    • Individual apps(or whatever) are 'too fullscreen' and lack small features that could be found on all mouse/keyboard driven apps.

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