Guild Wars 2 Public Beta: Observations

First of all: great job ANet, it only took few hours to get things working. It took close to 24 hours from Blizzard to get D3 Open Beta in any kind of working order :D

Overall the game seems to function fairly well, but there is some minor things I want to note.
  • When opening map while holding RMB, character can't be steered.
  • When using melee attacks, one must manually to move to range.
  • Dynamic events don't change the world very much, all is a lie :(
  • Dynamic events seems to have minimum difficulty, one or two players will have a hard time completing one.
  • Looting requires a) navigating to corpse b) interacting with it c) claiming items, too long a chain.
  • The there was about eight bugs I reported, but they are not included in this list.
But then there also is some bigger concerns
  • Mobs start to regenerate far too fast, pull little too far and they get full health almost immediately.
  • Leveling progression is slower than that of enemies, making fights harder and harder, and then there will be level grinding..
  • I want Energy back to the game, this is just spam-fest now!
  • There is not too much freedom on skill selection. In original Guild Wars I could fill my bar with heals, for example, but here I can only select one. The unchangeable skill selection for weapons also was bit of a let down. Of course one could change weapon, but I want to use that weapon differently.
But there was some great things, too.
  • Dynamic events, at least when experiencing them the first time, they were just great. People would just pour in and everyone would just really want to beat the bad guys or whatever.
  • New quest system. Yes, it is the same old 'Kill ten rats and/or do x', but no explicit quest accepting/turning in procedure, gives more fluidity for everything.
  • And about fluids, water is an interesting element, no longer a barrier.
  • Reformed combat. Moving while casting and attacking really gives a new dimension for combat and exploration.

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