Some thoughts about the new desktop – part II

So, a new desktop and life is wonderful? Sure, maybe for a month. Then the random BSODs started to happen. Then some more BSODs, at worst daily. Long hours of analyzing minidumps, tracking possibly bad drivers, upgrading and disabling them. Reading message boards. Adjusting power settings. Adjusting voltages. Running memtests. Nothing seems to be helping and nothing helpful emerges. I’m beginning to suspect the BSODs have something to do with sleep or hibernate, but nothing conclusive as the BSODs take too long a time to get certainty about the causality. Might just as well try upgrading to Windows 8.1 now that all hope is lost.

Of course setting up a fresh OS install brings daily restarts, so the BSODs seem to be gone for a moment. But then, again, they start happening. Checking drivers once again, nothing. Well, it was as if removing Gigabyte's chipset drivers somewhat reduced the BDOSs, but they were not gone completely. Then, with heavy heart, I disabled the sleep-mode just to test it. No more BSODs.

* * *

Now, according to dump files, it’s been almost four months without a single BSODs. A hardware problem with sleep-mode RAM voltage regulation? Software issue? No idea…

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