Mission accomplished?

Oh god. I’ve been more busy than ever. I guess I really got a life like I was wondering the last time. Or I just suck with time management; have I really done anything? So… Let’s review the year despite there still being plenty of it still left and see if we can answer the question in the title.

First of all, as the previous post might have made you guess, I kinda lost the motivation to develop the Tracker project further, at least for now. Again. There is just so much work to be done, and I’m just one person. And with all the things I’m going to list below I just didn’t have the time, either. I really hope that I can get back to it at a later time and better focus. This was also a conscious decision in part. The project did, and would have taken so much time, and I just had to prioritize. I also mentioned how it is a potential topic for the Master’s thesis. But before I can dive into that, I must finish my Bachelor’s. And that means passing a course in that disgusting language that is not to be named. But I’ve really tried to learn it! Been doing Duolingo almost every day since April. In addition I’ve almost completed one other online course on it as suggested by a teacher. I really really really hope that I can pass the course by the end of this year. I should have all the motivation I need, but somehow that still isn’t quite enough :(

I’ve also tried to be a bit more social, the camera I bought serving as a catalyst. Let’s just say that it is a work in progress :S A work in progress with results! I have started a vlog, and so far I’ve shot, edited and uploaded eight (8) full episodes! Although none are public, at least at the moment. And the latest three aren’t even on Youtube because I haven’t dared to yet purchase a music licensing subscription. I’ve also been getting back to photography and started an Instagram account and been trying to post my “best” pictures there. It is a rather random collection of pictures without any great theme, so getting any real followers will probably be rather impossible. Not that they appear without “marketing”... But that is not important. Right? Right??

Oh, and I also bought a house. Wow. So much space. “Oispa tilaa” (“[I wish I had] more space”) was already becoming quite a catchphrase for me. So much space!! This, of course, wasn’t a decision done lightly and took considerable time investment, too. And furnishing the whole house is an ongoing process. More time sinks! I’m unable to describe this in more detail currently. But I’ve talked about the house in the vlog a bit, and will talk more later. Maybe even a blog post, but don’t try to push it.

And last but certainly not the least: my very hard work really paid off, and I finally found a relationship in January! This was and is a huge time sink, but I couldn’t be happier! But this is all you need to know about that.

For the next year I hope to get more free time which I can spend on gaming, code, tv / movies and some other ambitions, like more camera and social stuff. Maybe music. And other™ things! Remains to be seen how it will turn out.

And the answer for the topic? You decide.

PS. I’m currently dying trying to figure out a replacement for my five year old Nexus 5 which has been slowly dying over the past few years. The time for replacing is really close, but I just can’t find single satisfactory device on the market!

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