Date format

Seems that I had forgotten to change the display language of this blog from Finnish to English. Fixed.

I also changed the date format to not include month name, but my preferred format( can not be used if the language is English, so had to edit layout's code to pass the date to a javascript function for processing... Thanks blogger!

And then there was more collisions

Been silent as usual, but now I have SVG-based polygon map(Inkscape as preferred editor) and collision detection based on movement vectors(even high-speed objects collide to map).

Collision detection can be run in pure python(only ~120 colls/s on 108 polygon map…), or optionally accelerated with numpy(~10k colls/s) or external c++ app(~140k colls/s(that is almost 4.5M vector-vector pairs per second!) when compiled with vc++ 2010).

All values on single i7 930 thread(my new system(frostfire), with HD5850, 6GB RAM and 24” full-hd display).

My problem and how to solve it(writing, assignment, whatever)

NOTE: the following text is (mostly) grammatically correct(it was an English writing assignment at school, and why not publish it(bit late by now, thought, but anyway))

(www.) is not attractive enough, don't you agree. Gallery2 has some minor visual defects that should be fixed, now that I officially(added a header to /pics/*) opened it. In addition, routa has some (understandable) problems with uptime. How can anyone enjoy my exquisite collection of stuff when the server is turned off? ;) On the other hand, moonforge(nor) is up ~constantly(as you would, it is a commercial service), but without much content(except that now(a?)days pics has been mirrored there).

To fix gallery2, I'm point to need some feedback on browser support(read as time, I'm sure no-one bothers to do that(not that I'm even expecting it)) and on the whole visual aspect(usability etc).

Uptime, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated to fix. You'll have to wait until I get one of those hyped Inter D510s and set it up as the main home server. Except to see an increased amount of treasures there then-and uptime, of course.

To the moonforge problem next. I myself think that the collection of shouldn't be hosted anywhere else, it just isn't so cool. Uptime(a not so great factor in the future) and at least bandwidth would increase the availability of data in case I decided to switch to moonforge. Please do comment on this dilemma.


Been experimenting with pybox2d, not very long, but have some vids: