Not dead yet!

It has been quiet here, really quiet..

There is not much progress that could be shown to public, as I'v mostly been developing new techniques and rewriting stuff before it has even finished.

But I can tell that in tests I have easily managed to display 10k static, non-animated, objects at 60 FPS. Hundreds, or was it even 1k??, if moving.

Been also experimenting with triangle-based maps, and they seem to be a viable option. But making holes in them is bit trickier.. Of course I could have another, black layer that is drawn on top of the map and checked for collisions, but that wouldn't be efficient in the long run. Pity...

Then there is an IRC-bot, rewrote core in that once already.. But it is good, I'm telling you!

That leads to an another thingy, Lannukka. It's a going-to-be foundation/voluntary association that will someday host lanparties. Now it has mainly just been group/label/tag/... for me and few friends. Oh, yeah, the bot is on our channel, #lannukka@IRCnet.

Then theres also been all kinds of smaller scripts and stuff that programmers can't avoid doing.