Dreaming about Ampere

Hello again,

quite a while since the last update. Again. But at this point you should know me well enough to expect it. Or maybe you just happened to read the previous post. Go figure.

Anyway.. One lesser thing I've been pondering is how me upgrading to an ultrawide display might have played a part in me not finding as much joy from gaming as I used to. Sure, this a minor thing considering all the other factors, but a factor nonetheless. Ar at least the lack of the best possible GPU is a good excuse to not play games. Irregardless of that, I've been in the process of upgrading my GPU for a while now, and I was extremely happy with how good of a product Nvidia managed to launch with Ampere!

"A great generational leap in performance", good pricing, and even the Founder's Edition models seem very good. Typically FEs themselves have been a bit lacking, but now it seems that they might actually be the better product! I'll still of course have to wait for the reviews, but I don't remember being this exicted about hardware in quite a while. It's also one of the very few things I've really been excited about the whole year.

As that's not all. I recently got myself the Valve Index VR kit. The waiting list for it was so long that I'd almost forgotten about it. Now, I've mostly been using it so get some exercise in form of Beat Saber, but I also did play through Arizona Sunshine. AS has some flaws, but the gunplay itself was rather nice. I also started Half-Life Alyx a while ago elsewhere, but haven't really gotten to play it more. This is unfortunate. Instead, I've been busy playing Minecraft, and just simply keeping busy.. This is hopefully maybe changing, but we'll see. Anyway. What saddens me a bit is how increasing the render resolution scale in AS made the game a lot more clearer, but completely killed the FPS. Maybe the new GPU will chance that! And most certainly I'll get that sweet 144 Hz on Destiny 2 again, too!

Hmh. It seems that "whiles" are the staple of my timeframes :p And while this post feels a bit lackluster, it feels good to produce some content once in a while. Maybe I'll even get motivated to write some development-themed post at some point, too. We can all hope, at least :) We'll see, we'll see...

And I know what you are thinking. About everything. We'll see.