USG documents now public

Having worked on this document for several(maybe even a dozen) hours over the past two years, I feel it’s finally time to let the world see how I have big plans. Big plans that will probably never be fulfilled. Actually I don’t expect to get everything done, but rather see it as something to work towards to.

There is also some videos on my YouTube channel.

* * *

For those unfamiliar with my projects: USG is the newest incarnation of my long-running series of space themed 2D games.

Old versions of The Peli –game project now on video

Had a short discussion about my game project today. Short story shorter, I didn’t have any material to show what is was like years ago.

Now I do. It was surprisingly simple to get most of the versions to run like they used to. The only real challenge was eliminating the dependency for an asset server; at that time one of my interests was streaming patching and bigfiles as in Guild Wars. Of course I had to implement my own version to a ‘real’ game. After some asset hunting and code patching the games successfully loaded local files and I could finally record the videos in question.

Except one. I had some serious issues with font rendering in one of the versions(pygame either segfaults or freezes without error) and in the end had to replace the fonts with placeholder squares; no idea why in broke and no real reason to fix them.