Global/Finnish game jam aftermath, Sommerkopter

Well, that was interesting. As you might know, the event was about writing a game in 48 hours. I must say that it is not too much.

I was in a team consisting of me and five older students. Felt bit out of my league, considering we had decided to use C++, a language I had only a little experience in.

But everything exploded better than exceptions! This Game Jam was first real coding project for me involving other developers, and I learned much about working as a team. First of all, it was incredible to be able to work with like-minded people. People who actually also knew how to code, and with this particular language even better than me. When coding my part of the game(terrain generation), there was few particular challenges with memory management and syntax, but now I could verbally ask for help! I might not have been very productive, but at least learned a lot.

And what was wildly different from coding by myself, I could actually concentrate on only part of the project. No need to code everything by myself. Not even the graphics, those were made by the two 'highly skilled' artists in our team.

But actually, in the end there was only two other people in our team coding. Other two were on the graphics dept and one had to fight with our version control system for the whole weekend. But those two other coders, they made the bulk of the code needed to make this happen, I thank thee.

But I thank the whole team also, we all made this weekend amazing. I had great fun brainstorming and socializing with you (me socializing, o.o). And we actually created something very nice, didn't we? Something that actually might appear again in the future. (winkwink)

So I present you Sommerkopter: Global Game Jam project page and a gameplay video! A game where your objective will be flying logs from hills to a collection area, with a helicopter. Heli-logging at it's best.

And for the future: if you, the reader, have a chance to participate next year, please help yourself and do so. It will be fun.

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