Top things to pursue

My long-time readers might know or guess that I struggle with anxiety about wanting to do too many things, and that I always try stay productive even when I should relax. I was recently prompted to make a ranked list of 20 things I’d like to pursue, and forget everything except the top 3. I shall now combine these concepts: I’ll make the list, but won’t forget a thing. And as everything doesn’t always have to be perfect, it is not ranked. At least to the absolute final degree. Kek. Also, true to myself the list is a mixed combination of ‘work’ and ‘leisure’. Because leisure is still a serious business, and can’t be taken lightly.

So anyway, in a surprisingly small amount of time I came up with this list, which I’ll just leave here. I feel that something important might still be missing, but this is what I came up with. And as nothing is ever truly complete, I might augment this one later. I'll try to leave a note.

  • Game development
  • Articulation and verbal skills via/and VLOGs
  • Gaming
  • Expanding social life
  • Embedded programming
  • Home automation
  • Television and movies
  • ‘Home’-server, high-availability computing, serverless and modern web infra
    • a) in the cloud
    • b) self-hosted
  • Getting really good at cooking
  • Transition in fashion
  • DAW-centric music
  • Skill-based sports
  • Travel
  • Long- and short-range radio communication, both data and voice
  • Photography and videography
  • Demoscene music and synchronized visuals, also on a stage; performance coding
  • Writing
  • Playing tabletop RPGs
  • Designing my dream home together with professionals

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